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Monday, February 01, 2010

Editor's Note:

Greetings, salutations, and happy Black History Month!

This month Social Angst will be partaking in the annual celebration of Black History Month by offering a plethora of facts, news, and commentary focused on Black History.  Yes, I know, doesn't sound too different from any other day here at Social Angst, but don't worry, I aim to throw in a couple of Twitter worthy surprises!!

Speaking of Twitter, as I got up this morning, I was thinking that it would be FANTASTIC if you Tweeters could get on your micro-blogging grind and make Black History Month a trending topic every single day in the month of February 2010.  It would be a great showing to the community at large of how important Black History Month is to the Black American populace.  It would help garner media attention for the thousands of Black History Month events happening all around the country  Being that I don't Twitter myself, I'm hoping you guys help me get this message out!  Tweet for Black History dammit!!  

And I'm out...

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