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Monday, January 04, 2010

In The News:
Top Headlines in Black News

Suggestions from Your Black World:

Obama Effigy Hanged in Jimmy Carters Hometown. (
A large Black doll with President Obama's name on it was found hanging from a noose in Plain, Georgia, home of Jimmy Carter.  The US Secret Service is looking into the incident.

Philly's First Black DA Set to Take Office... (
Seth Williams takes office today and becomes Philadelphia first Black District Attorney.

NCAA May Force Schools To Test For Sickle Cell Trait. (
The National College Athletics Association is considering requiring student athletes to be tested for the sickle cell trait before participating in student athletic activities.  This is being considered after finding that in the last decade 15 students with the trait have died during athletic training.

African American Mags Make Play for Marketing. (
When advertisers fail to court readers of Black magazines they do themselves an injustice.

Suggestions from The Grio:

Mayor Elect in Newton, Mass. Set For Historic Inauguration. (
 Setti Warren will become the first African American  to be elected Mayor by a popular vote in Massachusetts. 

Suggestions from News One:

Man Wrongly Docked $40G From Paycheck for Child Support. (
Francois Jadotte is owed an estimated $40,000 ov overpaid child support as the city continued to garnish his check past his daughters 21st birthday.

For Some, Delays In Skin Care Diagnosis.
Blacks and Hispanics are less likely to develop Melanoma making the early skin cancer diagnosis difficult.
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