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Monday, January 04, 2010

In The News: Cory Booker Shovels Snow for Constituent...Again!

I heart Cory Booker.  The Newark, NJ Mayor suited up in snow gear, grabbed his shovel and salt and head out to help his constituents clear paths in the snow.

From The Huffington Post via News One:

Talk about a hands-on mayor.

When Ravie Rave (@BigSixxRaven) tweeted at Cory Booker (@Corybooker) that her 65-year-old father needed help shoveling his driveway on New Year’s Eve, the Newark mayor sprang into action.
Instead of waiting for the city’s plows and salters to come by, Booker messaged Rave back, saying, “I will do it myself where does he live?
Soon other followers of Booker’s Twitter feed volunteered to help, and the mayor tweeted:
Please @BigSixxRaven don’t worry bout ur dad. Just talked 2 him & I’ll get 2 his Driveway by noon. I’ve got salt, shovels & great volunteers
Twenty minutes later, Booker and crew were at Rave’s father’s door.
When the driveway was clear, Rave tweeted her thanks to Booker:
My daddy is a happy man. He took pictures of his Mayor shoveling his driveway! lol
Thank you so very much @CoryBooker
It seems that Booker has a history of helping his constituents dig out from snow. A YouTube video from last winter shows the mayor using a shovel to help clear a path to a man’s car.  Visit News One to see the video.

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