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Friday, December 18, 2009

In The News...
Top Black News Stories

Blacks Being Left Out of Rebuilding Projects. (
While many Black companies were hoping to reap the benefits of post Katrina rebuilding projects, they are ill-equipped to meet the necessary standards to vie for the business.

The Census Set to Make Black Men Count. (
Black men are one of the toughest demographic to be counted during the decennial survey. This year the census bureau hopes to increase participation amongst this typically underrepresented group.

McDonalds to Introduce Free Wi-fi in 2010. (
Why I heart this story: McDonalds is a staple of the hood. Though the conglomerate often gets a bad wrap for their highly caloric menu, they have maintained a commitment to their low income consumers with their economically friendly meals, heterogeneous hiring practices, and diverse marketing all benefit the Black community. With this new commitment to free wi-fi McDonalds will can now bring the benefit of the internet to a demographic much in need of it.

DNA to the Rescue of a Wrongly Incarcerated Man. (
Falsely accused, unjustly prosecuted, and wrongly incarcerated Donald Eugene Gates will never get the 28 years of his life spent in prison back, but today he is a free man thanks to DNA. In a similar story, James Bain was recently released after DNA also proved him innocent, unfortunately the proof was some 35 years too late. Thank you Project Innocence.

Family Lose Twice with the Chicago's Department of Children and Family Services. (
The agency is currently missing 200 wards in their custody and families are left wondering why.

THE MAN'S SPORTS PICKS (Since I have to suffer through Sports Center with him, I figure you shouldn't have to struggle to impress the men in your life!)

Tiger Wins Athlete of the Decade. (
Why the story is relevant: Before his indiscretions became public recetly, there would have been little question on whether Tiger was worthy of this accolade. 10+ opportunistic women later, many are finding it hard to differentiate between Tiger the athlet and Tiger the husband.

Chris Henry Dies Tragically. (
While the details of the incident are still unconfirmed, the sudden and tragic death of rising Bengal's star Chris Henry is a substantial loss for his family, friends, and fans.

Mark Ingram Wins The Heisman. (
A visibly emotional Ingram brings home the top honor for Alabama.
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