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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Around The Web:
Precious: A Black Male Perspective

I want to give a Social Angst Shout Out to Mark Anthony Neal over at New Black Man for sharing an interesting conversation on Black male-specific perspectives of the Golden Globe nominated movie Precious.  Below read a brief description of the conversation and visit New Black Man to take a listen.

Hosted by Esther Armah (WBAI/Wakeup Call)

Guests are: Quintin Walcott, Director of the CONNECT Training Institute and CONNECT’s Male Anti-Violence Initiatives; Mark Anthony Neal, author and Professor of African and African American Studies @ Duke University; Sharif Simmons, Creative Writing Teacher at the Alice Steven Center from 5th Grade to High School in Birmingham Alabama, Poet, Musician and Single Father.

Discussion of Black Male media reactions to the film Precious

Edit To Add: Abdul Ali also wrote a nice essay on Precious posted at NBM, so check that out too!
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