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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Around The Web: Knitta, Please...Really...?

Sooooo I don't knit (though I'd like to learn) and perhaps this is why the Knitta, Please branding of the scarf producing hobby is news to me.  While I admire the clever nature of the brand tagline, I'm not oblivious to the racial subtext.  Is it racist?  I suppose that is the question.  Alexis over at thinks it is.  As for me, I'm on the fence.  Had this been the brainchild of Dave Chappelle (think rogue knitting vigilantes slick talking to one another) I think I'd lean towards comedy.  Seeing the aged model to the left wearing the shirt though, well that's a little less funny.

Unfortunately, part of the problem with screaming racism at every turn is the appearance of non-objectivity.  On the other hand, not calling a spade a spade is equally as dangerous.  My truthful feelings - you make your bed, you lay in it.  Black people made the phrase "Nigga, please" into a staple of hood colloquialism, seems a tad sensitive to get upset with the marketing genius who has parlayed the phrase into knitting gold.

File this under reason 1,379 to stop socializing the N word.  Chuck deuces my knitta, I'm out.

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