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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Idiots In The News

Here are my top picks for Idiots In The News this week. Now you can vote! Check out the poll below to vote for this week's Top Idiot. If your top idiot is missing from the list this week...drop me a line and let me know!
  1. It's week number two for Joe Jackson here at Idiots In The News. It seems MJ's father cannot accept being excluded from his son's will. I thought having the court throw out his claim last week would encourage Joe to sit down and shut up, but it seems I was mistaken. Joe heads back to court this week to challenge the credibility of MJ's will, claiming that it was forged.
  2. Arkansas police tasers a 10 year old girl this week. Really? A taser for a 10-old? Can the Arkansas police department be THAT mentally and physically out of shape?
  3. Universal Studios caters to a racist international entertainment market. The entertainment giant has become notorious this week for altering a promotional image of their upcoming Couples Retreat movie to negate the movie's two Black stars.
  4. Allen Iverson's brief stint with the Memphis Grizzlies is officially over after the egocentric manchild throws a tantrum he cannot recover from. Unhappy with his role on the team, Iverson departs with a fraction of his $3 million/1-year contract. That was one expensive tantrum, especially since the aging star's options seem to be running thin.
  5. Antoinette Davis, egg donor (I respect the word 'mother' too much to use it here) of the recently murdered 5-year old Shaniya Davis, was charged earlier this week with human trafficking, child abuse and prostitution for selling her young offspring into child prostitution. The word idiot is a massive understatement.

Top Idiot Of The Week?

Can't Let It Go Joe Jackson
Taser Happy Arkansas Police
Racism enabling Universal
Tantrum Throwing Iverson
Egg Donor Antoinette Davis

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