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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

David Allen Greir's New Show - Chocolate News

David Allen Grier is back and he’s getting good reviews. The comedian of "In Living Color" fame has returned to prime time television with “Chocolate News,” a brand new show airing on the Comedy Central Network. For his offering, Grier marries one part news parody, one part sketch comedy, and one part racial commentary to create a clever show that is both relevant and funny.

After watching a few clips, I would describe Chocolate News as The Daily Show meets Chappelle's Show, though Grier distances himself from such comparisons. In a article entitled “David Alan Grier's 'Chocolate News' an edgy comedy,” Grier describes the show as “satirical, biting, political comedy,” but notes that while being compared to Chappelle is a “compliment,” with Chocolate News “the vibe is different. We do things in a different way."

One difference is how Chocolate News is stylized. The show's format mimics that of a television news magazine, so it is important for viewers to remember that the “news broadcasts” are actually sketches; all of the show’s news offerings are fake. Grier does, however, seem to derive his material from current events news headlines. Another note, specificlly to parents – this show is for critical thinkers; some of the material may be seen as inappropriate for younger audiences.

From what I have seen of the show, I am intrigued. The sketches are funny and thought provoking. Grier, in an ad spot for the show, suggests that the it is “only racist if you are…” I found that argument to be compelling. David’s take on the social issues that he pokes fun at is refreshingly mature (he’s been at this for awhile) and seems calculated to induce positive social change. Though the show obviously filtered through the Black experience, the comedy is universal and worthwhile.

The show, which debuted last Wednesday, airs on Wednesday nights at 10:30 PM (great time slot, right before John Stewart and Stephen Colbert). Check out some clips below and remember to tune in to Comedy Central tonight!!

First Black President? (Hilarious)

Maya Angelou’s Benediction (This one was my favorite)

The Death of Hip Hop

See more clips from Chocolate News at:
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