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Monday, August 25, 2008

TV Watch - The Black List on HBO
(Tonight at 9 pm.)

It started as a novel idea:

Filmmaker/Photojournalist Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, journalist Elvis Mitchell and HBO collaborate to present "The Black List, Vol 1," an intimate look into the minds and lives of some of the most influential Black Americans of our time. Toni Morrison, Chris Rock, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Serena Williams, Lou Gosset, Jr., Susan Rice, Kareem Abdul-Jabar are just a few of the intriguing personalities set to speak candidly with Mitchell in the ninety minute film.

The film was first introduced to audiences at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year where it was received warmly. Across the board, critics seem to be impressed with how Greenfield (who is widely revered for his still photographs) manages successfully to bring his signature style to the film. In a review of the film after Sundance, Kim Voynar writes:
Visually, the interviews look like a Greenfield-Sanders portrait brought to life, with each person talking directly to the camera (and therefore, to the audience). Mitchell interviewed the subjects, but the decision was made in the beginning that he would not be seen or heard on screen. The result is a remarkably intimate documentary in which each person talking feels like they're just sharing a personal story, rather than the typical series of talking heads with frequent cuts to the interviewer nodding sagely as he listens to his subject. Mitchell interviews, but in so doing he feels more like a catalyst making his subjects comfortable and drawing their stories out than a journalist asking questions -- a feat that's harder than you might think.

Unlike CNN's "Black In America" documentary which premiered earlier this month, the Black List Project brings focus to the power of Black success. Voynar says such a focus is refreshing:

The real relevance of this film, politically and socially, is that it's not a series "experts" talking about black culture, the impact of poverty, or how swell it is that these people overcame being African-American to succeed in their films. So much of what we see about black culture tends to fall along those lines of painting African-Americans purely as victims; it's refreshing, therefore, to see a film like this where powerful and influential African-Americans are just telling their stories without anyone asking them, "So how was your career path affected by the color of your skin?" Race is an issue that's discussed by the subjects, of course, but it's talked about through the lens of personal stories and black culture.
"The Black List, Vol 1" will premier on HBO tonight at 9 p.m. The film is presented in conjunction with the "Black List Project," a multimedia initiative which also includes a book, a museum exhibit, and an interactive educational program.

Black List Ad Spot - Chris Rock


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