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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

In the News:
Michelle Obama Speaks: Understands Public Frustration with the President

In her signature relaxed and candid style, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke with NBC's Matt Lauer for a Today Show interview today.  Her down to earth nature is as charming as ever as she discloses her consistent awe at the media frenzy surrounding her and her family, stating simply, "I don't think I'm that interesting.  I don't think my husband is that interesting."  When asked about her husband's recently declining poll numbers, she chooses an objective response instead of a personal one.  "It's part of the job" she says, "This has been a tough year for the nation.  Folks out of work; two wars.  We have an economy that we've pulled from the brink of depression.  Folk, you know, they're looking for work.  They're losing their homes.  So Americans are rightfully frustrated and the person in charge is the person folks look to."

See the entire video, courtesy of below.


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