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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Small Talk:
Tavis Smiley Ends His Annual State of the Black Union

Danielle Belton over at Black Snob has shared a Washington Post article titled Smiley Ends State of the Black Union.  In a nutshell Tavis Smiley, activist and PBS host, will not be holding his annual State of the Black Union conference this year.  Smiley says that his commitment to other projects will prohibit him from offering the event this year.  He also states that increased interest in Black issues by bloggers, social commentators, and media outlets makes the SoftBU less necessary presently than a decade ago and he views that as a positive thing:
The State of the Black Union "doesn't have the premium that it used to have - and that's a good thing," Smiley told The Associated Press.

Read the entire article at and check out Ms. Belton's commentary at
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