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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just Because...
I Think Rachel Maddow is AWESOME!

My girl crush, Rachel Maddow, appeared on Letterman last night.  I've posted the clip for my your enjoyment  She's is so good in brain!


Letterman: It's coming up on the anniversary of president Obama being inaugurated. Give us the assessment here. How is it look?

Rachel: "The most interesting thing about Obama's first year, is how crazy the opposition has gone in reaction to him. And that's been so exciting - The Sarah Palin, Micheal Steele, tea party stuff on the right - That i think nobody is notice that he's kind of quietly put together the most legislative accomplished first year of any president in a generation. He has done a lot".

Letterman: Certainly has done a lot, because there was a lot to do. But effectively accomplished things, or just accomplished things?

Rachel: "Well, the bailout thing - while being wildly unpopular - does appear to have stopped the financial industry from disappearing. We still do have AN economy. It's not the best one, but we have one. To sort of saving us from having another great depression was a thing he didn't planned to do, but he actually did it, and he had to do a lot of politically unpopular things...He also did the giant stimulus, which even conservatives starting to admit now worked. And if health care signed - that's something that what, 6, 7 presidents have tried to do and nobody has been able to. So everybody is saying what a disappointment he's been, while he's quietly doing everything he wants to do

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