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Monday, January 11, 2010

In The News: Weekend News Watch

Backlash causes Census Bureau to reconsider the use of 'Negro'. ( After several days of uproar over the use of the word 'Negro' on the 2010 questionnaire, the Census Bureau to consider omitting it.

Senator Harry Reid's troubling racist remarks regarding Obama and apology. ( A new book quotes Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid making racially tinged remarks about Obama during the 2008 Presidential campaign for which he is now apologizing for.

New Orleans could elect its first White mayor in 30 years. ( Race becomes less of a factor than an ability to expedite recovery efforts say the 62% Black voter demographic set to usher in the popular Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu as Mayor.

New Travel Concerns for Immigrants. (  Christmas Day Bomber sets a new stage for international travel and immigrants most likely to be affected.

Southern U.S. public education says students of the system are majority minority and majority low income.  ( Southern Education Foundation states that the public education in the South is now predominantly minority and low income and teaching such disadvantages youths can be a strain on educators.

Lawsuit claims racial discrimination at U.S. Airways. (  Former employees are claiming racial bias in a variety of instances including a female worker who charges she was fired for serving in a local chapter of the NAACP.

New non-profit seeks to train Anti-Gang Workers in new L.A. Academy. ( The Advancement Project, a non-profit formed by civil rights attorney and activist Connie Rice, has launched the Los Angeles Gang Intervention Training Academy to train gang interventionist.
Plaxico Burress Denied Work Release ( New York Department of Corrections has denied the former Giants star his first work release request.  NYDC stated that failure by Burress to report the incident weighed heavily on their decision.

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