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Sunday, January 31, 2010

In The News:
Top Black News Stories

Race Relations 
Racial Death Threats a Reality at Ohio College. (
Black students at the Ohio based Hocking College are proceeding cautiously after a racially motivated death threat was found scrawled on a bathroom wall.  The threat - that black students will be killed on February 2nd - is being actively investigated by the FBI.

Pittsburgh Teen to File Suit Against Abusive Officers. (
Jordan Miles, the young man who was beaten by undercover Pittsburgh Police Officers earlier this week, is set to file a lawsuit against his attackers.

Obama Sends $3.8 Trillion Budget to Congress  (
Though Obama has unveiled his plan for a reduction of federal spending beginning in 2011, this year's budget is to in include $100 billion to jump start the lagging employment rate and $25 billion for state Medicaid programs.

Women-Only Coupons to get Aid to Most Needy. (
Relief workers think they have found a solution to the problem of men overpowering women and children on relief distribution lines.  World Food Program coupons will be distributed to woman and can be redeemed for 55 pounds of rice at 16 locations in Port Au Prince.

Homosexual Haitians: Worried About Faith-Based Aid? ( of discrimination against LGBTQ citizens after 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina are leading some to question whether some faith-based aid organizations let religion get in the way of relief.

Hurricane Makes Haiti Vulnerable to Human Traffickers
. ( hurricane in Haiti has left thousands of children orphaned and has also created an appealing environment for human traffickers.  Ten Americans are currently being held on suspicion of kidnapping as they attempted to take 33 children across the Dominican Republic border. 

Serena Wins Australian Open...Again
. (

Serena William won her second straight Australian and 12th Grand Slam title tying Billie Jean King's for the most Grand Slam title wins by any woman in the Open era. 

Everything Else
Etta James Hospitalized. (
72-year old singer Etta James was hospitalized for a serious infection in Southern California.

Black beauty from Virginia is Crowned Miss America. (
22 Year old Caressa Cameron, a student at Virginia Commonwealth University, beat out 52 fellow contestants to become the 89th winner of the Miss America Pageant.

Tiger Wood's Wife Calls of Divorce
. (
Sources are reporting that Elin Nordegren has halted her divorce actions against husband Tiger Woods.  An optimistic Nordegren, who reportedly spent 5 days visiting her husband at the Mississippi based rehabilitation center where he is currently undergoing treatment for sex addiction, is now said to be reconsidering the couples divorce.

Kanye West Lawsuit Dismissed. (
Rapper Kanye West, though banned from participating in the Haiti telethon benefit, has something to be happy about.  After proving to the courts that he had performed 50 hours of community service with the Red Cross, Kanye had an earlier charge stemming from an altercation with photogs at LAX in 2008, dismissed.

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