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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In The News:
Top Black News Stories

Hepatitis B and C often O\overlooked in Blacks. ( Together the viruses disproportionately affect Blacks and infect more Americans than AIDS.

Republicans are calling for Reid to quit after racial comments. ( Reid apologizes and Republicans scream double standard over Democrat's dismissal of Reid "light skinned" Obama comments.

Racial undertones of Avitar. ( Claims on racism have been discussed in the Black blogosphere, it seems mainstream has got a whiff of the argument.

Blagojevich tells Esquire he's Blacker than Obama. ( The scandal-ridden former Illinois Governer apologizes for referring to the President as "this guy," Blagojevich that his background growing up in a five bedroom apartment and shining shoes attributes to his being more Black than Obama.

New Jimmy Hendrix album to be released in March. ( The Hendrix estate announced today that fans can expect a new album titled "Valleys of Neptune" this upcoming March.

African-American Film Critics Association has issues. ( Rigged voting, bribery and a secession.

Precious and Good Hair get Writer's Guild nominations. ( Chris Rock gets nod for Good Hair in Documentary Writing category and Lee Daniel's Precious in the Adapted Screenplay category.
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