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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hope For Haiti:
Record Setting Hope For Haiti Now Telethon

Celebrities with famous faces and big hearts gathered together Friday night to put on a star-studded telethon benefiting the disaster stricken country of Haiti. The Hope For Haiti Now telethon was a huge success, setting records and raising millions of dollars to help fund the efforts of non-profit aid organizations actively operating in Haiti - Oxfam America, Unicef, the Red Cross, Partners in Health, and Yele Haiti - as well as the Clinton-Bush Haiti fund.  

George Clooney and Wyclef Jean hosted the hodgepodge of benevolence, talent and technology.   Countless celebrities from around the world gathered in four cities - New York, Los Angeles, London, and Port Au Prince -  to take donations.  The show was broadcast on scores of television channels, radio channels and even on Youtube and donations were accepted by text, phone, and online.

Once again the international stellar community, broadcasting live from New York, London, Los Angeles and Haiti on MTV, YouTube and most major American networks, proved they could work together at short notice to raise funds for an emergency relief operation.

Viewers across the world – this event was aiming for the largest television audience ever – were treated to solo performances from Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder and Sting, and Chris Martin of Coldplay accompanying BeyoncĂ© on the piano. The R&B superstar's rendition of her song Halo included the altered lyric: "Haiti, we can see your halo/I pray you won't fade away."

The millions who tuned in also had the chance to watch celebrities appearing "as themselves", sitting at banks of desks to take telephone calls from people pledging donations. Steven Spielberg answered the phone to a surprised female pastor who said: "Wow. It's cool to speak to you." "It is cool to speak to you too," the director replied. (Read the full article)

If you missed the telethon, it's not too late to donate.  The people of Haiti need our continued support during these trying times.   Below you will find a couple of performance from Friday's telethon and you can visit the Social Angst Hope For Haiti Rebroadcast Page to see even more of your favorite artists get their fund-raising on...

Jay-Z/Bono/Rhianna -

Mary J. Blige - Hard Times

Justin Timberlake & Matt Morris - Hallelujah

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