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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Around The Web:
Huffington Post "Convinces" Credit Card Companies to Wave Fee for Donations

I love this story!!

A post over at the Huffington Postwhich highlights how credit card companies and banks stand to profit from transaction fees made on charitable donations to Haiti, may have lead to the waiving of the fee.  In a post titled, As Wallets Open For Haiti, Credit Card Companies Take Big Cut, Laura Basset outlines how a 3% transaction fee would be placed on all donations made via credit/debit card.  27 pages worth of comments later lead to two story updates.  The first at 3:15 PM stating that American Express had agreed to waive the transaction fee on donations made to 65 charitable donations between January 12th and the end of February.  The second update came at 6:44 PM stating that Visa would also waive the fee through February.  Way to go Huffington Post!!  And way to go AE and Visa...(it's just like when the Grinch grew a heart...!)
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