SOCIAL ANGST is more than just a blog, it is an invitation to aid in the building of wealth through the shared task of information distribution and discussion. It is a call to engage – engage in society, engage with your peers, engage in your political system, engage in spreading the wealth that is information, and engage in multiplying that wealth through discussion – so that collectively we may become more socially aware, more socially responsible, more socially vocal and ultimately more socially valuable.

Monday, December 07, 2009

We're Back - Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving All!!

My apologies for the brief interruption in posting. I took some time off to indulge in my other passion - bargain hunting. The pre-holiday sales were fantastic!!! Now that I have most of my holiday shopping complete and I am all bargained out, I can now return you to your regularly scheduled Social Angst Programming. Do enjoy!
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