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Friday, December 18, 2009

Just Because...
Black Skateboarder Make Me Smile

I love to see Black people with enough curiosity and gumption to get up and try something new.

When I was a child, my neighbor from down the road (I typed that with a Bajan accent) had four nephews with whom my sisters and I frequently played with. They each had a skateboard and although my considerable difficulties with coordination prohibited any real thought of actively participating in the sport, I found that I rather enjoyed watching my homeboys slide up and down the block (I typed that with a Brooklyn accent). So over the last few years I have watched the coloring of skateboarding with pride. If my pop culture memory serves me correctly, Skateboard P (aka Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes) helped usher the sport of skateboarding into hip hop consciousness (skateboard aficionados, please excuse my ignorance if it is showing here). Since then, skateboarding has reaped the benefits of diversification and is now being embraced within the urban jungle as much as in the lands of suburbia. The Grio takes a look at how Black youths are changing the face of the skateboarder:

Read the accompanying article here.
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