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Monday, November 16, 2009

Show Your Support:
Events: Coctails for a Cause

As usual, Social Angst is here to encourage you to engage in simple acts of social activism.

Today's suggestions: Go out and have a drink in the name of educational advancement!!

I read about The Opening Ceremony: Cocktails for a Cause fundraiser over at Jack & Jill Politics today. The event is being given by the Academic, Cultural, Technological - Scientific Olympics (Olympics of the Mind) organization, aka ACT-SO.
A brief overview of ACT-SO:
ACT-SO is an academic and cultural enrichment program that provides high school students an opportunity to enhance their skills in over 26 categories spanning the Sciences, Humanities, Performing and Visual Arts. This national program was founded by award winning journalist and civil rights activist Vernon Jarrett in 1977 to help destroy the cycle of low expectations and low achievement that plagues minority youth. Today over 500,000 minority high school students participate locally in over 500 branches throughout the country. Local winners go on to compete in the national Olympics of the Mind Competition. Famous ACT-SO alumni include John Singleton, Jada Pinkett, Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, Roy Hargrove and Anthony Anderson.
If you are interested in supporting the efforts of ACT-SO and are available to come out tomorrow, head over to Tillman's. See what your $40 donation gets you at

For all you single Angsters, this sounds like a nice place to meet some like minded individuals...

For those of you unable to make it, don't forget you can donate without attending!

You want easy social activism? I say it doesn't get much easier than this! :-p
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