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Saturday, September 06, 2008

HELP! Seeking the Attenion of the Obama Camp...

The conception of this post came during a lengthy online discussion of Governor Sarah Palin's acceptance speech Wednesday night. Though I am ideologically opposed to her on a vast majority of political topics, I will say that she was impressive to watch that night night. In a word, Ms Sarah Palin seems the epitome of "chutzpa" which is something McCain definitely needs at this juncture of his campaign.

I am not going to spend much time on Mr. Palin - mainstream has picked her apart ad nauseum. What I will say is that Palin has the potential to be a political juggernaut for the McCain camp. Speaking purely aesthetically, she brings the balance of a youthful Beauty to McCains geriatric Beast, something that is impolite to say, but naive to overlook. She also brings her self-proclaimed "pitbull" attack style to the table and proved during her acceptance speech that she has the wit, charm, and gonads to speak critically of what she seems to view as the overly romantic wishy-washy left.

Her accomplishments Wednesday night - well let's see - she effectively painted Obama's ticket as both weak on military experience (which objectively speaking, it is) and naively idealistic on national security (which is a matter of opinion) and energized her base while doing so. She showed an ability to be simultaneously powerful and feminine, and because of this she won over Republican women all around the country. And, quite frankly, she attacked Obama in a way that only a woman with charm can get away with, tempering what could be perceived as a borderline-bitch persona with an ethereal charm. In doing all of these things Sarah accomplished her ultimate goal, personifying the idea that "behind every good man, stands a good woman," and winning over the previously critical Republican base in the process.

The Obama camp must acknowledge these accomplishments. Sarah Palin should be considered abundantly armed and extremely dangerous. Her appeal should not be underestimated for she will undoubtedly branddish a plethora of weapons against Obama and Biden in the coming weeks. Defending against her could become hugely problematic for the Obama team as the media finds little wrong with presenting even the most valid of criticisms against women politicians as ungentlemanly - if the ratings need a boost. So in the coming weeks it is important that Obama be superb in his handling of her accusations...

I know he's got top political strategists and analysts working for him (see them stage left), but I've got some ideas too!! So if any of you guys know somebody, that knows somebody, that knows somebody, that knows somebody, that knows somebody (I believe that's six degrees) then please forward this blog out. Pass it along like telephone until this blog is sitting on an Obama strategist's desk and they are able to read the following:

Strategic Offerings to the Obama Campaign from Political Enthusiast MsBRG...

It is now time for the Obama team to think even more strategically about campaigning efforts to be made in the next few weeks. In less than two months you will be sitting in front of a television alongside Mr. Obama anxiously awaiting destiny. You will be sitting in your chairs questioning whether your campaign efforts were effective enough to win the presidency. It is my sincerest hope for your success, but although HOPE is the basis of your campaign, HOPE is not what will bring you peace of mind as you await such an important decision. What will bring you ease of mind is knowing that at every opportunity over the last few months you out-strategized your opponent. You are calm because not only did you make your case, but your forethought neutralized any attempt by your opponent to control the direction of this campaign. And this is how you did that:
  1. Remember that the winner of this election will boil down to who has the best proactive offense - an area that Obama has had some difficulty in. It is hard for Obama to attack an opponent and seem anything other than hypocritical because his campaign's political marketing strategy is designed around the ideologies of hope and change. However in these next few weeks leading to the election, the right strategy - the only strategy that will ensure victory in November - is to remember that the best defense is a good offense. Little time should be spent validating the accusations of Palin or McCain, and more time should be spent commanding the direction of the campaign itself.

  2. Quickly develop a campagin ad that features footage from the RNC and begs the question of whether the RNC and its supporters accurately represent "the face of America". The RNC seemed a high society love affair which included an audience severly lacking diversity. There was a noticeable lack of both minorities and young people. The Obama camp needs to play on this generational/diversity divide. The ad should target minorities and even more importantly young voters. It should beg the questions of whether the RNC
    recognizes these demographics as valuable and whether voters should cast votes for a party who so obviously overlooks them.

  3. Nuetralize Palin. Hillary Clinton proved that it can be difficult to attack a woman in politics without looking like a bully. So Obama and Biden must purposely not attack Palin, but attack those who she represents. Make the case that while Palin wants to be seen as a young fresh reformer, her duty is to represent her constituency and her constituency, this body of people who wholeheartedly and unapologetically supported George W. Bush, have elitist ideologies and disdain for the type of change that Palin feels she represents. The questions should ask how can one bring about change, when change is not what her supporters want and whether it is more likely that one person within a party can change the entire party's ideologies or whether a stubburn party with deep pockets will inevitably change her.

  4. A case should be made that overaggressive behavior was the root of the war and that overaggressive behavior and a penchant for military action can blind experience. It should attack Bush specifically, but also ask whether we can take another 4 years of blind aggression.

  5. Lastly it's time to set some Hillary money aside - lots of it. She is needed on the campaign trail right now. Obama needs to swollow his pride and write a check and get that woman out and about as soon as possible. She has the capacity to attack Palin on the issues - her lack of vetting, her nonnegotiable pro-life stance, and her conservaive politics. Hillary needs to be the mouthpiece of attack that Obama cannot be.

Implement these strategies and you and Mr. Obama will find yourselves much more at ease the night of November 4th 2008. If you need any more help, I'm easily contacted via blog... Happy Campaiging. -Ms BRG (

Ok friends of SocialAngst, let's get cracking! Let's get this blog out and about until it is sitting on the desk of an Obama campaign head. I'm trying to get a J-O-B!!! If you are reading this, we're only a few degrees away from a win in November! Democrats roll out!!!

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