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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Original Poetry Submission - Mrs JEG

Good day all! I am so excited to post the following poetry written and submitted by my mom. It is the very first contribution piece submitted to Social Angst and I am very grateful to have it. I look forward to a time when contributions are rolling in!!!



By Jeanette E.

So concerned with new clothes, new shoes, new whip, new sneaks

Your fly coach bag and Sean Jean tees.

What’s the latest style now? It’ll make you weak.

I hear they call it “New Slavery”

It makes you spend and spend until you are poor.

The rich get richer while you just spend more.

They take your money and invest in stocks,

While you spend your coins, and go in hock.

New Slavery makes you commit genocide.

Fighting, hating, killing outside,

We called it Lynching for a very long time.

Now the “New Masters” call it: “Black on Black crime”.

Keep your money in your community

Strength is in numbers, can’t you see?

Make your money work for you

It’s what all the smart rich investors do.

Stop giving the masses what they expect to see.

They expect little or nothing from you and me.

Prove them wrong and amount to good.

Find out what’s out there, outside of your hood.

Design a shoe, a dress, some clothing of your own.

Use your talents to create and find your own zone.

Remember, they all started out just like you would

An idea, a dream, you can do it and you should.

Let no one stop you. In fact, prove them wrong.

Stop them from singing their same tired song.

They’ll say, “You shouldn’t”, “You wouldn’t”, “You can’t”, and “You won’t”.

I say, “You should”, “You will”, “You can, if you want”.

Learn to invest and make your money work for you

Get back our power, whatever you do.

Stop the violence in the schools and out in the streets.

Strength is in numbers and in the people we meet.

If not somebody, then why not you?

Possibilities are endless in whatever you do/

Dream big from now on and always think smart

Whatever you do, do it from the heart.

Make “New Slavery” a thing of the past.

Out of style, get rid of it fast.

Open your eyes and see a better way,

To prepare for your future and a brighter day.

(I'm biased but KUDOS KUDOS KUDOS!)
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