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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Obama Addresses Hecklers at a Townhall

Barack Obama was interrupted by a group of hecklers at a town hall this week. Being a fan of both civil and social disobedience in the name of awareness, I was actually delighted to hear about this. A small group of young Black men, equpped with signage, briefly stole attention from the presumptive Democratic nominee as they voiced their disdain.

I'm not going to reiterate the story because the clip found below is so excellently informative. I will say that many people are questioning whether the actual incident might have been staged. While, it doesn't appear to be staged to me, nor did my conspiracy spidey senses go off, I wouldn't put such tactics past the Obama camp. So far they have run a strategically superior political (marketing) campaign. Planting dissidents would be a magnificient way to address concerns in a controlled environment. Let me know if you think it was staged, maybe my senses are off - though I really don't thinks o.

One thing is for sure though, Obama is looking very presidential these days. Nothing beats a cool demeanor coupled with the ability to express ideas calmly. Kudos (even if it was staged) for allowing his critics a chance to address him - that's the point of a town hall.

I loved when he told the they could vote for someone else or run for office as an alternative - Obama getting gangsta... hilarious!

Video compliments of APNtv via TheFrankFactor on youtube. Thanks for getting the information out!!

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