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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Future Black Billionaires...?

Tyler Perry and Tiger Woods are on the road to becoming billionaires. According to an article on, "Billionaires: The Next Generation," if the pair continue to earn in the same manner they are currently, they will see the billionaire benchmark in their lifetimes.

Woods has consistently maintained unparalleled profitability potential in the sports arena. By 2010 his total career earnings will hit the billion dollar mark. In a separate article titled, "Tiger's Next Trophy: Billionaire," Farrell reports that:
Woods is on track to pass $1 billion in career earnings by 2010. Becoming a billionaire--that is, having a net worth above $1 billion--will take slightly longer, since a sizable chunk of Woods' prize and endorsement money is eaten up by taxes and management fees--we estimated 45%. We also credited Woods with annualized investment returns of 8%. From 1996 (the year Woods turned pro) to the present, we based his earnings on estimates from Forbes' Celebrity 100 list. In 2007, we estimate Woods earned $115 million, $65 million more than runner-up David Beckham. Based on those criteria, we project Tiger Woods should join our list of the world's billionaires in 2011.
Tyler Perry is also on his way to billionaire status. Perry earned a modest $125 million on last year. His entertainment empire has been built on servicing the entertainment needs of Black America, offering entertainment in the form of plays, movies, television shows and books. Perry continues to single-handedly disprove the popular belief that positive Black entertainment has no audience, staying power, or large scale income potential.

There are currently only two Black American Billionaires - Oprah Winfrey and Robert (Bob) Johnson. Patrice Motsepe (Johannesburg, South Africa), Mohammad Al Amoudi (Dessie, Ethiopia), and Michael Lee-Chin are the other three Blacks on the list, Amoudi being the richest Black person in the world (worth an estimated 9 Billion).

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- William Reed
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